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Heron Steals the Mullet


Have enjoyed a lot of strand feeding lately and watching this blue heron who comes most days to get in on the free fish. He is a bit lazy, waiting for the dolphins to strand feed and chase the fish onto shore, then he snatches his fish.

2 Comment to “Heron Steals the Mullet”

  1. Sandy says:

    Ohhh my gosh! It looks like I need to come down there to get some amazing photography! Yours is simply amazing!

  2. Al Beckley says:

    I was watching Nature tonight when they mentioned strand feeding on the SC coast. I googled it and came upon the South Carolina Wildlife article “Dinner is Served!” featuring your photography, which ended up leading me to your website. Wonderful photos! I have a kayak and have paddled some on the coast, but have never witnessed this dolphin hunting technique. You referred to Seabrook Island in several pictures, as well as North Beach. Are these areas sheltered or open water? I’d love to observe strand feeding from my kayak, but as I have an open cockpit I’d need to do so in calmer water, not rolling/breaking waves. Of course, even watching from shore would be amazing! Can you give some specifics on where and when best viewing might be?

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