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Dolphin Get’s The Mullet


I had the pleasure of watching a dolphin work very hard to get a mullet for lunch. After chasing the mullet for quite a while one mullet got up very close to the shore and stayed very still. The dolphin attempted to get to it, but couldn’t get up close enough without getting it out of the water. He tried over and over swimming past, getting on his side and trying to reach it. When that didn’t work he tried getting just up to it in a horizontal placement and tried to splash water  with his tail to make it move. He tried for over 15 minutes, the mullet staying almost motionless. He finally succeeded, ate the mullet and headed back out to the channel. Although no other dolphins were seen or attempted to help him, as soon as he got back there, there was splashing, frolicking, and sex happening.  I think it was a test and he must have passed!

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